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Home Inspections

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General Home Inspection


Choose Inspector:
I have three inspector recommendations when the time comes. 
If you already have one, please let me know. 

Cost & Payment:
The cost of the inspection depends on the size of the home, inspector & any extra items/areas to be inspected. As a ballparkcost ranges from $300 for a small condo to $800 for a 5,000 sqft home. Extra areas such as a pool could add about $50.  

Payment, please bring your checkbook to the inspection. 
Some inspectors allow for card payment. 

Right after escrow is “opened” I will coordinate a time to have the inspector in. 
We push to have the inspection done within 4 days of opening escrow.

Example of Report:
Please see an example of a report here > click to view


What they inspect:
General home inspectors check the visible construction of the home, safety elements, electrical systems, appliances, heating & cooling, basement/attic spaces, interior plumbing & more. Your inspector will go over everything the inspect and provide a report. inspectors

What they don’t inspect:

Overall, inspectors can only inspect what they can see. They can’t go cutting into drywall or move large furniture. Other things that General Home Inspectors don’t particularly cover is pest control, asbestos, radon gas, mold & lead paint. 
Which is why we can do specialized inspections for these items if necessary. 
Ask your inspector for other things they may not check. 




I highly suggest allowing the inspector to complete the inspection without “hovering” over him. It’s more efficient and allows him to focus on a thorough inspection. As soon as they are complete they will conduct a thorough recap for us. At that time we can ask any and all questions, as well as, go look at any areas/issues in question. 


Pest Inspection: 
A typical pest inspection costs $80-$100 and takes less than 30 minutes. 
The inspector completes a similar recap and written report. 

Any other inspections: 
If necessary, we can conduct further inspections including roof, pool, geological (soil movement), plumbing, electrical, etc.


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