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Home HUNTER List.

Contact Withdrawn & Expired Listing Sellers
contacting sellers who listed within the last two years but didn’t sell


Paid Facebook Advertising
Social media ads targeting the homes you want

Real Estate Professional Social Forums
I am a member of private groups where 600+ top agents share upcoming listings

Mass Agent Email
I go out to all agents that have recently sold a home similar to what you are looking for

Smart Knocking
personally going around to
home owners in the communities you love

Community Calling
calling all the homeowners in the communities you love

Multi-Site Social Media Post
connecting with social media network on Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin and 

For Sale By Owner
finding homes attempting to be sold by the owner

photographers that I work with know about upcoming listings that they shoot 

“Pockets” Database
I maintain a list of 50+ upcoming listings. Ask me for access!

My Buyers with “House to Sell”
I have hundreds of home buyer clients, many with a home to sell

MLS: On Hold
tracking “on hold” listings in the MLS. That don’t make it out to the internet

My Website (Hot Buyers)

Brokerage Offices

marketing via mail, etc to major real estate brokerage offices

Multi-Site Social Media Post #2

Broker Meeting Sign/Handouts
attending weekly orange county realtor meetings where “pocket” listings are first pitched 

Social Forum post #2 (500+ top agents)

18 Step Proactive & Proven Plan

Work with a Realtor that can connect with

~1000 owners of homes similar to what you want

 & ~800 agents with upcoming listings that match what you want. 

Give me a call and let's go find your home!

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