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Home Financing.


In Orange County, homes that sell for $1M and under, have an average of 4 offers on them. The lower the price point, the higher the number of offers. Homes that are priced at $750K and below have an average of 6 offers on them.

With the average lender,

you have a 25% chance of getting your offer accepted at the $1M range and a 16.6% chance if the home is priced at $750K or below.


With our mortgage team,

We have been getting a 72% acceptance rate since 2016 due to our reputation in the industry and because our clients can perform even better than all cash buyers!


Learn how the home buying process works during an initial consultation where we go over each step in details and answer all of your questions.
Get a personalized analysis on your financial situation and learn how you can set yourself up financially to be able to meet your real estate goals.
Feel confident in your home buying decision with the ongoing support
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