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Equity Analysis
& Planning For Your Home

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As a homeowner, we often hear that you know you have a good amount of equity in your home,
however, you just aren’t exactly sure what your options are. Some people are curious about selling their home and buying something new, others just want to know if it makes sense to just keep the equity in their home.

The problem that most people have is that they are not being presented with the information and
education necessary to help them understand their options. If you’re wondering or have even
considered selling your home to move up, move down or move out of the area, or staying in your
home and utilizing the equity you have to better your financial position, who would you call to get the information you need to find out if it would be in your best financial interest? This is a significant decision and one that shouldn’t be made without knowing how it affects every aspect of your financial life and overall lifestyle of your family.

This is why we have created an easy way for you to get all of the information and education necessary to fully understand if it would make sense to sell your current home or stay exactly where you are.

Whatever decision you make, we want to make sure it’s an educated one.

It’s VERY important to us that you realize that the purpose of this Financial Transition Plan is not to tell you why you should sell your home. We simply want to provide you with the information

necessary to make an educated decision. When our team reviews the analysis with you, if we feel it’s in your best interest to stay right where you are, we will definitely tell you that and help you with a plan to get to your ultimate goal, when you’re ready.


If you want to learn more about your financial future our team will put together the following package for you to review:


- An estimate of the net proceeds you would get from selling your home.

- With those proceeds, we can show you how much you could put down a new home if you wanted to move up, move down, or move out of the area.

- Monthly payment estimates on the new home you may be looking for.

- Tax implications or benefits

- Short Term and Long Term Wealth Impact

- How to use some of the funds to add to or jump start retirement planning

- Overall savings for sufficient family reserves or college savings funds

- Paying off non-tax deductible debt

- If you think that staying in the home is the best option, we can look at home improvement or renovation options to improve the property and make it a better long term solution.


This process has been extremely valuable for so many people that we have been fortunate to help. We are excited to present you with this information as well, so if you are interested in learning more about your options with your current home, please reach out to our team and we would be happy to help.



Special thank you to our financial planning partner, Ryan Grant,

for making this package and consultation possible.

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