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Wiring Funds to Escrow:

  • This easiest and safest way to send your deposit to the escrow holder. Take the secure escrow account number to your bank and they’ll know exactly how to assist you. Important: the earnest money deposit (EMD) is due to escrow within 3 business days. The escrow company can not order HOA and other important documents till the deposit is in.


General Home Inspection

  • I HIGHLY recommend that you are at the inspection for the “wrap-up” when the inspector has completed the investigation. The inspector will go over each “discovery”/issue and answer all questions. Home inspections are inherently long because inspectors itemize each finding. Don’t let this concern you. Most findings are normal, minor and inexpensive to fix. We are looking for the major issues.


Request of Repairs

  • After the inspection we submit a written “Request for Repairs” asking the sellers to fix health & safety items. 


SPQ & TDS (disclosures for seller to complete)

  • Within the first few days the homeowner must complete two questionnaires (the SPQ & TDS) where they must disclose everything they know about the home. Then we can review those documents.


National Hazard Report

  • Typically, within 48 business hours we receive the National Hazard Report that allows us to review any possible hazards around the home.


Transaction Coordinator

  • We have a fantastic Transaction Coordinator whose responsibility is to collect and organize all the documents of the transaction. I will introduce her when we open escrow.


Your Disclosures to Sign

  • Numerous disclosures need to be reviewed and signed during the transaction for your protection as a consumer. See brief descriptions of the most common buyer disclosures.   Click here to view descriptions





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