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Wiring Closing Funds to Escrow:

Sufficient funds to close escrow must be wired/deposited to escrow 2 days before the day we close escrow.



I will make sure you have all the information you need to set-up your utilities well before we close. I suggest you call to set up services several days before we close as to avoid any disruption in service.

Orange County Utility Providers by area - click to view


Walk Through

On one of the last few days before we close escrow I will schedule our “Final Walkthrough” where we walk the property to make sure everything is in the same condition as when we made the offer and all contractual corrections have been made.


Recorded! The keys are yours

Typically, we receive word from County Recorder's Office between 1pm-4pm on the day of closing. Then based on a prior discussion we’ve had I will hand over the keys to you!


Delivery of Deed

If you’re purchasing the home “cash”, without a mortgage, the county will mail you the deed typically within two weeks. When you get it, keep it in a safe place. Such as a safety deposit box.


Flash Drive of Contract & Documents

Shortly after the close of escrow I will hand you a flashdrive with all transaction documents on it.



Lastly, after our successful closing of you’re beautiful new home I’d love to get a quick testimonial from you. It truly mean a lot to me and the future of my business.


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